What makes Pelion such a unique holiday destination in Greece is the fact that it is perfect for visiting anytime of the year. The peninsula is one whose scenery and landscapes changes constantly throught the year, and each season brings with it a brand new settings for rewarding and enjoying holidays.

When you visit Pelion will find a wide range of activities to enjoy and many beautiful sights to see and places to visit. Pelion is one of the most naturally beautiful parts of Greece and the rich green vegetation creates an unforgettable location for year round travel and fun.

During the spring time you can enjoy walks along the many wonderful pathways and explore Pelion by foot. In the summer season you can enjoy the fantastic beaches you will find all around the coast. And in the winter, you can enjoy ski and winter sports at the famous Agriolefkes ski centre on the top of Mount Pelion.

Below you will find a selection of highlights of some of the most popular activities and sights to see when in Pelion.

The Famous Pelion Steam Train

In the village of Ano Lehonia on the coast just south of Volos, you can start a truly magical journey on board the famous steam train of Pelion. The journey to the village of Milies takes you along some spectactular landscapes and any visit to Pelion is not complete without experiencing this wonderful train journey.

The Village of Xinovrisi

Xinovrisis is a small and very traditional village. It is located just a short distance from Potistika where you will find St George’s House. The village is perfect to enjoy a walk around the cobblestone paths, and you can also enjoy a meal at one of the restaurants that operate in the village.

The Village of Argalasti

The village of Argalasti is the capital town of the entire South Pelion region, and is an extremely interesting and beautiful village. In the main square you can find a place to enjoy a tasty meal or refreshing drink. The church at the entrance of the village if famous for it’s bell tower, and the village is a great one to visit when you are passing the area.

The Ski Centre of Agriolefkes

As previously mentioned, during the winter months, Pelion is a very popular destination for ski and winter holidays in Greece. The Pelion ski centres was one of the first in Greece and offers a great range of slopes and facilities. The views you can enjoy from here are breathtaking.

The Village of Zagora

Located in the north-east region of Pelion, this village is a very traditional one that has immense historic importance. It is home to the old school or “Rigas” and dates back to 1777. It is known today as the Greek Museum and many important Greeks studied here. The village is also home to an impressive library that holds thousands of historic books and manuscripts.

The City of Volos

Volos is the gateway to the Pelion peninsula and is a very beautiful and interesting city. The main coastal promenade is the popular destination for visitors where you can enjoy a walk and stop at one of the many cafe bars for a nice drink. There are several interesting museums in Volos that are well worth visiting if you have the chance including the Athanassakio Museum that dates from 1907 and displays a wealth of archaeological findings from the prehistoric settlements of Sesklo and Dimini.

Religious Tourism

All around the Pelion peninsula you will find lots of beautiful churches in a variety of sizes. Some are just small chapels while others are very large and impressive. One of the most famous is the church of Agia Marina which is located in the village of Kissos. The beautiful gold wooden and carved iconostatis inside are well worth seeing.

The Village of Trikeri and Old Trikeri Island

This region at the south of Pelion is a very popular destination with visitors to the region and well worth visiting if you have the chance. The village of Trikeri offers some wonderful views of the Pagasitic Gulf and is a great place for trekking. You can also take the short boat ride across to the island of Trikeri, or Old Trikeri as it is also known.

Sports and Activities

There are a number of sports and activities tha tyou can enjoy in Pelion including hiking and trekking, horseback riding and also diving. There are a number of travel agencies that can arrange a wide range of activities and excursions for you to enjoy when you are on holiday in Pelion.