The Pelion peninsula, located on the eastern coast of Central Greece in the county of Thessaly, is a place of extreme natural beauty. The stunning and inspiring landscapes and the blue and green colours make the area one that is a treat for all the senses.

Pelion – Greece has been blessed with so many beautiful parts that more often than not, visitors are often spoilt for choice as to which part of this magical peninsula to visit. The eastern side of Mount Pelion is one of the most popular, and here you will find such villages and resorts as that of Tsagarada and Agios Ioannis.

There are also many other, smaller yet extremely beautiful places on this side of Pelion – Greece. One such place is that of the coastal area of Potistika, which is very close to the mountainous village of Xinovrisi.

Potistika has an exceptionally beautiful sandy beach, οne of the most popular in the southern part of Pelion – Greece, where you can enjoy bathing and relaxation in the crystal blue waters of the Aegean Sea. It is here in a beautiful part of Potistika in the hamlet of Mourtitsa that you will find “St Georges House”, a unique and charming house where you can enjoy a great selection of quality and very comfortable accommodation.

Our unique house is the perfect place to say and makes a wonderful starting point for you to head off and explore the many wonderful parts of this stunning peninsula.

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The southern region of Pelion is the most popular part of this magical part of Greece, and is home to a wide variety of beautiful coastal towns, hamlets and villages. The main village of South Pelion is that of Argalasti, which is approximately 40km from the city of Volos. It was the main trade centre of Pelion during the Turkish rule of Greece, and is developed into a cultural and intellictual centre as well.

The village is a very traditional one and you can enjoy some lovely walks along the cobblestone paths and admire the wonderful traditional mansions and houses. You can enjoy a meal or coffee in the main square at one of the cafes or tavernas.

South Pelion is home to some of the best beaches in the peninsula and these include Lefokastro, Paltsi, Potstika, Mikro and many others. The great thing about enjoying a holiday in South Pelion is that you can travel around at your own leisure and explore and visit the many wonderful locations you will find.

With beautiful beaches on both the Pagasitic Gulf and the Aegean Sea, you will really enjoy some wonderful moments during your holidays in the summer months. They variety of villages in the area is very vast. Some of the most popular include Milina with many cafe bars and tavernas along the main coastal road, whereas some of the other destinations such as Mikro are extremely small and quieter. Whatever type of holiday you are looking for when you visit Pelion, there will be a perfect destination for you.

Throughout the year a number of festivals and religious events take place, many of which feature traditional dance and music, as well as local cuisine and wine. If you happen to be in Pelion – Greece during one of these festivals, you should try and attend as they are a unique experience.

South Pelion is a perfect place for sailing holidays and the lovely small islets of Prasouda and Alatas, which are located just off the coast of Milina, are always popular sailing locations. The waters around South Pelion and crystal clear and make a great place to enjoy a sailing holiday.